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  Charlene is a Christian, Wife, Mother, Director and Teacher. Behind her unassuming beauty and gentle, girlish charm is a story of triumph and prosperity.

Charlene Gethers was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Until the age of 21, her life was what most people would consider typical, including a loving family and stable home life. But after the birth of her first child Charlene little world was thrown into a tailspin when she was face with the high cost of Quality childcare development. She was face with the decision to keep the dream job or raising her dream child. Shortly after making this life-changing decision, she quit her job and started working in a daycare and learned that childcare was not cheap or affordable to most hard working families. After working in daycare, that inspired her to quit and start her own. She decided to start doing daycare in her home because of the high start up cost of renting a building and legal guidelines. Which later strive and inspired  her to started a center locally in North Charleston, South Carolina and from there, the evolution of Gifted hands has increase the school readiness of young children in single and low-income families.

She has dedicated her life to helping children and discover God’s unique plan for those children seeking to discover their purpose in life. Who would have dreamed that this woman would become one of the highly respected in the industry of childcare. Who could have guessed that she would grace the covers of major childcare magazines, be featured by local media, and have audiences and dialogue with world leaders and policy makers—including former Presidents George W. Bush in the childcare industry.